Skaträ creates an architecture that forms the future and strives to create an environment that actively contributes to everyday life.

We offer services in field of public architecture, design of private buildings and interior design. Every day we strive to achieve the best possible result, regardless of a project scope and complexity. 


The future concept defines all the necessary urban planning, architectural, structural and engineering requirements for the future project. It also forms an expressive aesthetic image and idea of the building. The concept allows to visualize a site appearance, its layout and to determine the estimated construction costs within a short time. A successful idea of an architectural concept is the key to success at the following stages of design.

Stages: pre-design analysis, urban planning analysis, design audit, design concept.


At the design stage, we develop a detailed building model, based on which a design documentation is generated. Then we define exact building parameters, its structures and building materials. We also develop all necessary detailed documentation for a site construction making it as similar as possible to the original concept. 

Stages: Architectural and Urban Planning Solution (AUPS) and Architectural and Urban Planning Treatment (AUPT), basic design, design documentation, engineering documentation, support.

Private Houses

Separate Skaträ direction of activities. 

We build high-tech and sustainable houses made of the best natural materials. We believe in creating architecturally beautiful, functional and, most importantly, natural log houses intended for families and future generations. Our goal is to design houses that will make people happy in an environmentally sustainable way.

Stages: basic design, detailed design, engineering, support.

Interior Design

We offer a comprehensive solution for interior design with a full set of drawings and specifications for rooms of any functional purpose and complexity.

Stages: concept, 3D, engineering documentation, configuration, support.